Vocabulary: Biogeographical regions

Folder biodiversity (Biodiversity)
Identifier biogeographic-regions2011
Label Biogeographical regions
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Registration status Released 12 Jun 2019 07:19:57
Type Common
  • The biogeographical regions dataset contains the official delineations used in the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) and for the EMERALD Network set up under the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention). The dataset is INSPIRE compliant. The vocabulary is used for 2016 and 2011 versions of the dataset.
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08 Oct 2013

Vocabulary concepts

16 concepts found, displaying all concepts.
Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
alpine Alpine Valid 19.04.2013 alpine
anatolian Anatolian Valid 19.04.2013 anatolian
arctic Arctic Valid 19.04.2013 arctic
atlantic Atlantic Valid 19.04.2013 atlantic
blackSea Black Sea Valid 19.04.2013 blackSea
boreal Boreal Valid 19.04.2013 boreal
continental Continental Valid 19.04.2013 continental
macaronesian Macaronesian Valid 19.04.2013 macaronesian
marineAtlantic Marine Atlantic Valid 19.04.2013 marineAtlantic
marineBaltic Marine Baltic Valid 19.04.2013 marineBaltic
marineBlackSea Marine Black Sea Valid 19.04.2013 marineBlackSea
marineMacaronesian Marine Macaronesian Valid 19.04.2013 marineMacaronesian
marineMediterranean Marine Mediterranean Valid 19.04.2013 marineMediterranean
mediterranean Mediterranean Valid 19.04.2013 mediterranean
pannonian Pannonian Valid 19.04.2013 pannonian
steppic Steppic Valid 19.04.2013 steppic