Vocabulary: AQD Time Zone - used for aggregated data & statistics

Folder aq (Air Quality Directive e-Reporting)
Identifier timezone
Label AQD Time Zone - used for aggregated data & statistics
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/aq/timezone/
Registration status Public draft 13 May 2013 10:53:29
Type Common
  • AQD Decision 2011/850/EU: Use this code list reference to declare the time zone used for aggregated data and statistics derived from observations made by sampling points and stations belonging to this network. It is recommended that local standard time (the time without correction for daylight saving time where this is applicable) is used for reporting of observations and aggregated data and derived statistics.
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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
UTC Coordinated Universal Time Valid 17.04.2013 UTC
UTC+01 UTC+01 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+01
UTC+02 UTC+02 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+02
UTC+03 UTC+03 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+03
UTC+04 UTC+04 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+04
UTC+05 UTC+05 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+05
UTC+06 UTC+06 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC+06
UTC-01 UTC-01 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-01
UTC-02 UTC-02 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-02
UTC-03 UTC-03 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-03
UTC-04 UTC-04 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-04
UTC-05 UTC-05 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-05
UTC-06 UTC-06 Valid 17.04.2013 UTC-06