Vocabulary: BAT conclusions for Iron and Steel sector

Folder IEDAnnexIIModule3 (IED Annex II Module 3 (Sectoral spotlight of IED installation – BAT conclusion implementation))
Identifier BATIronSteelCode
Label BAT conclusions for Iron and Steel sector
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/IEDAnnexIIModule3/BATIronSteelCode/
Registration status Public draft 29 Jan 2018 17:48:57
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
IS-2012-BAT-20 IS-2012-BAT-20 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-20
IS-2012-BAT-21 IS-2012-BAT-21 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-21
IS-2012-BAT-22 IS-2012-BAT-22 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-22
IS-2012-BAT-23 IS-2012-BAT-23 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-23
IS-2012-BAT-25 IS-2012-BAT-25 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-25
IS-2012-BAT-26 IS-2012-BAT-26 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-26
IS-2012-BAT-28 IS-2012-BAT-28 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-28
IS-2012-BAT-33 IS-2012-BAT-33 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-33
IS-2012-BAT-34 IS-2012-BAT-34 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-34
IS-2012-BAT-39 IS-2012-BAT-39 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-39
IS-2012-BAT-42 IS-2012-BAT-42 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-42
IS-2012-BAT-43 IS-2012-BAT-43 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-43
IS-2012-BAT-44 IS-2012-BAT-44 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-44
IS-2012-BAT-48 IS-2012-BAT-48 Valid 23.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-48
IS-2012-BAT-49 IS-2012-BAT-49 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-49
IS-2012-BAT-50 IS-2012-BAT-50 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-50
IS-2012-BAT-51 IS-2012-BAT-51 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-51
IS-2012-BAT-52 IS-2012-BAT-52 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-52
IS-2012-BAT-56 IS-2012-BAT-56 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-56
IS-2012-BAT-59 IS-2012-BAT-59 Valid 11.01.2018 IS-2012-BAT-59