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  • aq (Air Quality Directive e-Reporting)
  • art12_2012 (Birds directive Art. 12 reporting)
  • art12_2018 (Birds directive Art. 12 reporting in year 2018)
  • art17_2006 (Habitats directive Art. 17 reporting in year 2006)
  • art17_2012 (Habitats directive Art. 17 reporting in year 2012)
  • art17_2018 (Habitats directive Art. 17 reporting in year 2018)
  • biodiversity (Biodiversity)
  • cdda (CDDA)
  • common (Shared vocabularies)
  • datadictionary (Data Dictionary's own code lists)
  • dataquality (Data Quality Checks) Export RDF
  • eprtr (European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)
  • EPRTRandLCP (Code lists for the integrated reporting to the E-PRTR and Combustion Plants)
  • euregistryonindustrialsites (EU Registry on Industrial Sites)
  • eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries) Export RDF