Site codes

Site code is a unique identifier of site records in the Common database of designated areas (CDDA) which is annually updated in one of the EEA's priority dataflows.

CDDA is main European inventory of nationally designated protected areas and it provides data for World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA). In order to keep identification of the CDDA site records compatible with the WDPA, the EEA agreed to use the site identifier code list maintained by the WDPA. Whenever it is needed the WDPA provides free codes from the codelist to the EEA. These free codes are then distributed to the individual countries on demand. The countries then assign the codes to their new national sites during the update of the CDDA data.

In the past the distribution of the free codes, as well as maintenance of the European codelist, has been performed manually by the ETC/BD. This service automates the process of the code distribution.

Appointed Reportnet users, which are all Eionet NFPs and NRCs for Biodiversity data and information, can reserve a set of new site codes for their new sites after logging into the service. The process is called allocation of site codes.

Detailed instructions on how to use the site code allocation service can be found in this User guide.

Number of available Site codes in the system: 3747

Please log-in with your Eionet user name and password in order to allocate new site codes or see the list of codes already allocated.


Insert the range of new site codes. All the new site codes falling inclusively between range start and range end will be availabel for countries to be allocated.