Generating MS Access templates for datasets

MS Access is among the most popular formats of reporting data in Reportnet. To help to ease the task of producing this format, Data Dictionary enables to generate templates for the MS Access files to be reported.

The relation between the generated MS Access templates and datasets in DD is quite straight-forward and logical.

Every generated MS Access template corresponds to a concrete dataset definition in DD. Tables in that template represent the tables in DD. And columns in those MS Access tables represent the data elements in DD.

Tables and columns in generated MS Access files are titled by the identifiers of their counterparts in DD.

The columns in generated MS Access have their data types set according to the data types of their counterparts. Here's the mapping between DD data types and data types in generated MS Access files:

Mapping between DD data types and data types in generated MS Access files
DD data type MS Access data type
string text
boolean boolean
integer int
date text
float float

At the moment the utility DD is using to generate its MS Access outputs does not unfortunately enable to set fixed values for the generated columns!

About each and every column you can find out more specifications by looking at the corresponding data element in DD or its description in generated PDF output.

NB! Please note that GIS tables in DD are represented in MS Access as two separate tables. The one for GIS elements is titled tablename and the one for non-GIS elements is titled tablename_meta.