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Identifier WISE_DWD
Short name WISE_DWD
Registration status Released 19 January 2015
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Name Drinking Water Directive
Short Description Information requirements for reporting and information exchange and the
requirements of Article 13 of Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended
for human consumption (the Drinking Water Directive).
Definition Data on Member states are collected for each reporting period (3 year period). General arrangements of the data requested on drinkingwater supply are presented in this specification by tables and
include characteristics on the watersupplyzones, values for the concentrations of chemical, biological and indicator each Water Supply Zone as well as information on derogations, drinking water quality and information for the public.
Methodology for obtaining data The data requested for Drinking Water Directive should be derived from existing Water Supply Zones (WSZ) within each Member State. The combination of the elements CountryCode and WaterSupplyZone ID must be a unique record in the table. No duplicate records should exist with this combination.
Please consider the following when compiling your data delivery:
1. Provide information on the Water Supply Zone.
2. Submit annual summary information on drinking water quality in the WSZ exceeding 1000m3 per day as an average or serving more than 5000 persons
3. Submit data for non-compliance of drinking water in WSZ.
4. Use the templates (XML schemas or Excel) and these specifications to guide you in
formatting and collating your data delivery. All are available for download from the data
5. Supply data on WSZ in XML, Excel or tab-separated ASCII text format.
Ensure commas are not used as decimal separators.
6. Upload your data files to your nominated repository: the Central Data Repository at

All questions and request for help regarding the DWD reporting should be sent to
Planned updating frequency Every three years (derogations annual within two months of being granted)
Version 1.3 (January 2015)
Reporting obligation

Data model

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Dataset tables

Full name Short name
01_AnnualMonitoring DWD_AM (01_AnnualMonitoring)
02_MemberState DWD_MS (02_MemberState)
03_NationalSummary DWD_NS (03_NationalSummary)
04_NonComplianceInformation DWD_NCI (04_NonComplianceInformation)
04_1_NonComplianceInformation DWD_NCI_1 (04_1_NonComplianceInformation)
05_NCI_Cause NCI_Cause (05_NCI_Cause)
06_NCI_Remedial NCI_Remedial (06_NCI_Remedial)
08_ProductSpecifiedParameters DWD_PSP (08_ProductSpecifiedParameters)
09_PublicInformation DWD_PI (09_PublicInformation)
10_QualityInformation DWD_QI (10_QualityInformation)
11_WaterSupplyZone DWD_WSZ (11_WaterSupplyZone)
11_1_WaterSupplyZone DWD_WSZ_1 (11_1_WaterSupplyZone)
12_1_SmallWaterSupplyZone DWD_S_WSZ (12_1_SmallWaterSupplyZone)
12_2_SmallWaterSupplyZone DWD_S_WSZ_2 (12_2_SmallWaterSupplyZone)
12_3_SmallWaterSupplyZone DWD_S_WSZ_3 (12_3_SmallWaterSupplyZone)

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3135 Released 17 November 2014 [view]
2645 Released 12 August 2014 [view]
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