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Identifier BWQ_2006
Short name WISE_BWD_2008
Registration status Released 28 October 2019
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Name WISE BWD - Bathing Water Quality Reporting under Directive 2006/7/EC
Keywords Water, water quality, River, Lake, Sea
Short Description Data model published in 2008
Definition Bathing water quality data and information are collected annually through the Reportnet process. Member States have to report monitoring results on the parameters defined in the Directive 2006/7/EC. From 2015 bathing season, all countries reporting bathing water data have been assessed under the provisions of the Directive 2006/7/EC.

Full details of the data requested on bathing water quality are presented in this specification by table, and include inventory of identified bathing waters, seasonal information on bathing waters, abnormal situations, short term pollution events and monitoring results of bathing waters based on parameters intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli as prescribed by the Directive 2006/7/EC.
Methodology for obtaining data The data requested through the Reportnet process should be derived from existing national and/or regional monitoring networks within each country reporting BWD data. Countries are asked to provide data on bathing water quality according to criteria described in the Directive 2006/7/EC, and as detailed in this data request. Parameter data should be provided for all national bathing waters. It is expected that these data should provide a general overview, based on truly comparable data, of water quality at an European level.

If you have any questions about the format and content of the data request please contact by e-mail at:
Planned updating frequency Annually by 31 December
Version October 2018
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Data model

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Dataset tables

Full name Short name
Inventory of identified bathing waters Identified bathing waters
Seasonal information on bathing waters Bathing season table
Monitoring results of bathing waters Monitoring results
Abnormal situations Abnormal situations
Short term pollution Short term pollution

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