Concept: Mediterranean therophytic siliceous grassland in the eunishabitats vocabulary

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Preferred label Mediterranean therophytic siliceous grassland
Definition West Mediterranean and Dalmatian annual-rich grasslands of siliceous gravelly, sandy or silty, usually shallow, soils that remain cohesive during the dry season; they are rich in small Fabaceae, in particular of genera, [Trifolium], [Lathyrus], [Ornithopus], [Lupinus], [Anthyllis], [Coronilla] and grasses of genera [Corynephorus], [Aira], [Airopsis], [Molineria], [Vulpia], [Briza], [Anthoxanthum], [Micropyrum]; among characteristic species, shared by eastern and western formations, are [Tuberaria guttata], [Silene gallica], [Linaria pelisseriana], [Plantago bellardii], [Galium divaricatum].
Notation E1.81
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Status Modified 31.01.2014
Accepted Date 31.01.2014
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