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Identifier BWQD_2006_IdentifiedBW
Short name Identified bathing waters
Dataset WISE_BWD_2008
Reference URL
Name Inventory of identified bathing waters
Definition Inventory of identified bathing waters data table contains identification of bathing waters for the coming bathing season and attributes to be reported before the start of the bathing season are requested from EU Member States on an annual basis.
Methodology for obtaining data Member states shall annually identify all bathing waters and define the lenght of the bathing season. They shall deliver data table through Reportnet before the start of the bathing season in xls or xml data file.


Element name Datatype Element type
* BathingWaterID (BWID) C  (PK) string Quantitative
* BathingWaterName (BWName) string Quantitative
ShortBathingWaterName (ShortName) string Quantitative
* Longitude_BW (Longitude_BW) C decimal Quantitative
* Latitude_BW (Latitude_BW) C decimal Quantitative
Coordinate system - Bathing waters (Coordsys_BW) C string Fixed values
GroupID (GroupID) C string Quantitative
RiverBasinDistrictID (RBDID) string Quantitative
RiverBasinDistrictName (RBDName) string Quantitative
RiverBasinDistrictSUID (RBDSUID) string Quantitative
RiverBasinDistrictSUName (RBDSUName) string Quantitative
WaterBodyID (WBID) reference Quantitative
WaterBodyName (WBName) string Quantitative
NationalWaterUnitID (NWUnitID) string Quantitative
NationalWaterUnitName (NWUnitName) string Quantitative
BWKeywords (BWKey) string Quantitative
Year_BW (Year_BW) C integer Quantitative
* AccessKey (AccessKey) string Quantitative
* BathingWaterType (BWType) integer Fixed values
ChangeReason (Change) string Quantitative
* Closed (Closed) string Fixed values
* BathingWaterCategory (BWaterCat) string Fixed values
* SpecGeoCon (SpecGeoCon) string Fixed values
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)