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Identifier SITE_CODE
Short name SITE_CODE
RegistrationStatus Released 14 November 2008
Reference URL
Definition Unique record identifier within the CDDA data base for nationally designated areas.
Methodology for obtaining data This field may NOT be changed as it forms the link to the source data base.

For newly created sites, the international data manager will fill this field, when integrating the sites in the central data base management system. After that, the codes will flow back to the national data base.

If sites are to be merged or a site needs to be split in to more different parts, ETC/BD should be consulted on how to proceed with the site codes given at international level.
Datatype integer
Maximum size 8
Public or Internal Public attribute
CheckInNo 1

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Site boundaries CDDA roekama
Sites CDDA roekama

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66504 Released 18 January 2013 [view]