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Identifier Latitude
Short name Latitude
RegistrationStatus Released 16 October 2008
Reference URL
Name Latitude
Definition (Y) International geographical co-ordinates in decimal degrees format.
Methodology for obtaining data This is a required, not null field.
Use the common geodetic datum ETRS89. WGS84 should be used for overseas areas and can be used for TCM data as well.
Use negative values for coordinates south of the Equator (0°).
Please round the coordinates to 4 - 5 decimal places, depending on your input data precision (0.0001° = about 10 m).
Where TCM stations represent a broader area, the central location of the area should be provided.
Datatype decimal
Maximum size 12
Decimal precision 7
Minimum inclusive value -90
Maximum inclusive value 90
Public or Internal undefined
Owner (Accountable)
Reporting obligation
CheckInNo 1

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101191 Released 12 February 2020 [view]